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Nehem International has a long track record of labour market projects both national and international.

In the beginning our services concentrated on the establishment and functioning of governmental labour market services. Starting from 2000 Nehem International extended its Labour Market services to assist groups like: youth, women, long term unemployed people and persons with disabilities.

Nehem was also engaged in the redeployment of staff in the restructuring of state owned industries. In these projects, methods for job counselling were initiated, Job Finding Clubs were established and participants were assisted with job experience or received short vocational training.

Further Nehem International carried out projects on enhancing labour conditions at the work place by supporting (regional) labour inspection organisations and facilitated industrial relations between employers, trade unions and government through social dialogue. Recently Nehem International developed a strategy for employer’s organisations in one region (population 1 million) of the Netherlands to fill vacancies of their members by unemployed persons after dedicated retraining and the use of detachment structure in so called Labour Pools.

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We provide:

  • Policy advice and institutional building.
  • Employment Services strengthening.
  • Development of active labour market instruments for vulnerable groups.
  • Socially Responsible Enterprise.
  • Labour Pooling (initiating employment detachment structures).
  • VET and HRD support.
  • Social Dialogue facilitation.
  • Stimulating self-employment.

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