Experts : In-House Experts & Associates

Our consultants combine extensive experience in:

  • Management training & consulting.
  • SME development.
  • Labour Market Support deployment programmes.
  • Socially Responsible Enterprise Restructuring.
  • Restructuring and Privatisation Assistance.
  • Human Resource Development, Management Training.
  • Institutional Support.

In addition, we have built up a relation-base with more than 1000 qualified and experienced experts for both short-term and long-term assignments.

In House Consultants

Robin van de Poll
Robin van de PollManaging Director – Senior Consultant
Robin van de Poll is Managing Director of Nehem International.
Joop van der Flier
Joop van der FlierSenior Consultant
Joop van der Flier is a senior expert in SME Development
Jolanda Amazu
Jolanda AmazuOffice and Finance Manager
Jolanda Amazu is Office and Financial Manager at Nehem International.
Olga Balakhnina
Olga BalakhninaSenior Project Manager
Olga Balakhnina is a senior project manager specialised in Institutional and Capacity Building.
Albert Wijaya
Albert WijayaConsultant
Albert Wijaya is consultant (in Labour Market and Employment)
Rosanne van de Poll
Rosanne van de PollCommunication Manager
Rosanne is responsible for the Marketing-Communication of Nehem International

Associate Experts

Niels Peter Jensen
Katinka Moonen
Henk van den Beukel
Rob van Raaij
Rob de Krieger
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