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Nehem International is engaged in Training Programmes for entrepreneurs. Nehem provides tailor made training courses for managers in the field of Strategy Development, Organisation Design, Marketing and Finance.

These courses are focussed on the fundamentals for improving the business of the SME entrepreneurs and managers of larger enterprises.

Nehem cooperates in Belarus with Shorets Consult. Shorets is a well-known Belarusian training and consulting institute with a team of experts in Business Training and Consulting. Shorets has more than 10 years’ experience in various business segments like Marketing and Sales, Management, Human Resources etc. in Belarus and the CIS countries.

With the challenges of the new economy we are facing nowadays increasing flexibility in the organisation, an adaptive strategy and advanced innovation capacity become crucial. Big multinational companies like Nokia, Kodak, RIM (BlackBerry), Chrysler and Sony came under heavy pressure or even went bankrupt, simply because they didn’t align their strategy and innovation in time to the fast changing market conditions. Nehem International can provide you with flexible and affordable tailor-made training which will improve your business. Our company can provide you with the most updated insight, expertise and experiences in the field of strategy, organisation design, marketing & sales, HRM and many other important management topics. Nehem International is not just a training services vendor. Nehem International is your partner in learning by making training programmes tailor made to your needs. Our 25 years of international consultancy experience has given us the necessary concrete practical input for our training activities. Nehem International has a track record in training private and public enterprises in different countries (e.g. Belarus, China, Croatia, Egypt, Macedonia and Oman). We offer a wide range of management training programmes. Here we can mention the following modules:

Topic Elements Remarks
Business strategy
  • What is strategy?
  • The importance of strategy in the ‘fast economy’
  • Essential steps in building strategy
  • Values, Vision and Mission
  • The process of defining strategy (shared values in the organisation)
  • Tools for strategy development (e.g. SWOT, balanced score cards)
  • Most important elements of business strategy
This training module will focus on the impact of the ‘fast economy’ on business strategy.Important elements are reviewed like: ·       Flexibility ·       Innovation ·       Investments ·       Strategic partnerships This module will give managers better understanding of strategy development in a dynamic and complex market environment.
Organisation development and communication
  • How is work coordinated?
  • What are the basic parts in an organisation?
  • What are the basic organisation structures (configurations)?
  • Which elements influence the organisation structure?
  • Presentation of a ‘physical’ law on how organisations develop
The ‘fast economy’ puts more stress on the flexibility and communication within an organisation. This module teaches managers how to make their organisations more flexible and communications lines shorter.
Management,  motivation and delegation
  • Basic management styles
  • Managerial grid
  • 10 management functions and how to improve yourself in each of them
  • What is motivation
  • Motivation hierarchy (Maslov)
  • Satisfiers and de-satisfiers (Herzberg)
  • Motivation techniques
  • Why should I delegate?
  • How to delegate successfully
  • The role of training and coaching
Management, motivation and delegation are inextricably connected to each other. During the last 50 years these three topics changed a lot in the world.With this module managers will learn how to increase the motivation and productivity of their employees. Delegation is a key word in this respect
Human Resources Management
  • HRM policy development
  • Personnel planning
  • Assessment of personnel (systems, different techniques)
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Contracting and introduction
  • Remuneration (systems)
  • Education and training
  • Career planning
  • Dismissal and ending of employment and public relations
This topic is closely linked to the management, motivation and delegation module. Many of the HRM tasks are nowadays delegated to line mangers and consequently became an important task for each manager.This module will teach the line-managers in how to fulfil their personnel tasks in an efficient and successful way.
  • Marketing mix
  • Market segmentation
  • Marketing tools (including new media)
  • Advertising
  • Marketing strategies
  • Key account management
  • Trends in marketing
In the ‘fast economy’ marketing changed rapidly due to the impact and use of new media.Social media, phone apps, Twitter, Linked-In, Blogs, Website reviews, Search engines, etc. have a growing influence on marketing these days. This module is reviewing both traditional and the newest marketing trends.
  • Sales communication
  • Formula and consultative selling
  • Sales ladder
  • Obtaining the buying motives
  • Making sales proposals
  • Handling objections
  • Other professional sales skills
  • Sales planning
  • Hunters and farmers
  • Marketing platforms (is a marketing and sales instrument)
The course will focus on basic sales skills and many “do’s and don’ts”. This module is highly interactive and contains many exercises and a number of role plays.
The art of making good presentations
  • Public speech techniques
  • Effective communication skills
  • How to deal with fear
  • Tips for effective presentations
  • The role of preparation and practise
  • How to keep attention of the audience
  • Structure of presentations
  • Visual aids
  • How to use PowerPoint
  • How to deal with difficult situations (e.g. sceptical audience)
Giving good presentations and speaking in public is an art which can be learned. This module trains the trainees in how to overcome their fear for public speaking and how to prepare and make an effective and convincing presentation. The module is highly interactive as the trainees have to give different presentations during the training, which are plenary evaluated.
Employee retention
  • Reasons for employees to leave
  • Costs of labour turnover
  • Compensation and rewards programmes (bonus systems, stock options, pension systems, etc.)
  • Motivation techniques
  • Management styles and delegation
  • Importance of career development
  • Training
  • Employee surveys
  • Exit interviews
  • Social networks (belonging to a ‘family’)
Employees who enjoy their work, take pride in their company and feel that their contributions are important are five times less likely to quit than other employees.This module trains managers in how to retain their important specialists.


The topics/modules can be extended with cross cutting issues like modern in-company communication techniques (e.g. enterprise intranet concepts), organising effective meetings, handling conflicts, etc. Nehem International makes the training tailor-made to the demand of your enterprise. Special wishes and training needs from the client will be included in the training programme and the case studies will be, as much as possible, focussed on the same branch. Next to case studies the training modules are highly interactive and contain different exercises, brainstorm sessions, role-plays, etc.


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