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A few examples of our projects in the Labour Market sector are listed underneath:

Nehem International carried out a project for the SEED foundation to assist the ‘The Hague Region’, the Netherlands, with the development of labour market plans for the four branches: wholesale, construction, ICT and vulnerable youth. The labour market plans for each branch focussed on preparing job seekers for highly demanded jobs with a combination of training and gaining experience in a labour pool.

(Dutch government, 2015)

Indonesian labour law regulates the development of Collective Labour Agreement for every formal company in Indonesia. From Nehem and Indonesian Prosperous Trade Union Confederation (KSBSI) previous project, the West Java Social Dialogue Forum has initiated the interest of several sector industries in West Java to develop Multi-Company Collective Labour Agreement (MC CLA); which will decrease unfair competition on labour issues and make the process of developing CLA to be more efficient.

The project activities includes capacity building training and technical assistance to the sector taskforces in developing MC CLA. Multi company CLA’s have been drafted for plantations and textile enterprises. The project is ongoing and is planning to disseminate its result nationally in December 2015.

(CNV Internationaal, 2014 – 2015)

With the objective of increasing the policy advice capacity of West Java stakeholders after the decentralization, Nehem and KSBSI developed and implemented a project in establishing good practice on provincial social dialogue in West Java. The project involves the members of the formal provincial tripartite cooperation of West Java, which includes, Labour office (Disnaker), Employers Association (APINDO), and representative of trade unions. The project included capacity building activities, such as: trainings and workshops in negotiation, policy advice development; Study visit to the Netherlands; and coaching the Social Dialogue Forum and Secretariat with their (pilot) activities. The project resulted to: workshops organized by the Social Dialogue Forum for the cities and municipalities stakeholders; and to a follow up project in developing Multi Company Collective Labour Agreements.

(CNV Internationaal, 2011 – 2013)

Nehem International managed for its allied foundation (SEED) together with 1 national and 5 local NGOs a labour Pool project for unemployed women from ethnic minority communities (Albanians, Roma and Turkish) 299 Women received training in how to introduce themselves on the labour market in a successful job interview and were coached in their search for a job. 99 Women received work experience during a one month “On the job” training in 50 companies, 96 women received short vocational training (like: sewing, hairdressing, cosmetics, bakery, accountancy and English language). About 58 women were introduced with the first steps in developing a business plan. The direct results of the project were a number of women which found a job, were better equipped to find a job in the future and a more positive attitude by employers to engage ethnic minority women in the future in their companies. The financial facilitated “On the job” training was a major success, while the project also proved that NGOs could play an effective role in job mediation for these target groups.

(IPO, 2012-2014)

The project in Belarus contained the following activities:

  • Identifying the national labour market policy reform in the field of SRER.
  • Labour market analyses for two big industrial state owned enterprises.
  • Training of relevant governmental officials in Social Restructuring.
  • Writing of a manual for Socially Responsible Enterprise Restructuring.

(UNDP, 2012 – 2013)

Nehem International designed and fulfilled project management for a project to improve working conditions for Indonesian workers together with KSBSI (Indonesian Prosperous Trade Union Confederation) by improving functioning of the regional and local labour inspection by transfer of best practices and establishing regional tripartite committees. Nehem International organised the transfer of Dutch practices to Indonesian stakeholders, introduced modern inspection and reporting approaches and seconded regional labour inspectors with these new methodologies. The project was carried out in three Indonesian regions; Northern Sumatera, Jambi ad West Java. A total of 20 regional/local labour inspectors were trained and 60 enterprises were inspected (as pilots) according to the new methodology. The results are transferred to the National Labour Inspection of the Republic of Indonesia.

(EU Grants, 2010 – 2013)

Social Work Centre MTB from Maastricht (NL) and Nehem International supported a local NGO in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) with expertise and finance to establish a Social Work Centre with the aim of providing regular jobs to disabled persons. Local government of Nizhny Novgorod destined a premise, which was refurbished by the project. The Social Work Centre provides jobs for persons with disabilities in three business units: printing workshop, work space laboratory and a training centre. A privately owned pharmacy and a computer training centre completed this job creation project for disabled persons. In total the project assisted 336 persons with disabilities with employment. The further aim is to extend the project to other districts in the region and to other regions and to increase the number of employed persons with disabilities accordingly. The whole project resulted in a financially sustainable organisation.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Matra 2007 – 2010)

The state owned textile industries in Egypt (more than 250.000 workers) were heavily overstaffed and could only compete and survive on the international market after a deep restructuring. These restructuring should be carried out in several steps and in a social acceptable process.

The project was divided in three different Framework projects. The first project was dedicated to transfer best practices on social restructuring in Europe and contained a study visit to Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Germany on procedures and approaches for redeployment of redundant workers (in particular in coal and steel industry).
The second project included the establishment of a Labour Pool (job-counselling and redeployment) organisation for the public textile sector in Egypt. Nehem International assisted with the establishment of the organisation (organisation design, staff training, job-counselling approach, vocational guidance approach, PR, etc.) and coached the 40 staff members of the Labour Pool. The labour pool assisted a part of the redundant workers with starting or enlarging their own business, for which Nehem International developed instruments and trained staff. The third project focused on assistance with the development of new instruments (lending-out, spin-offs, New Economic Activities) and the improvement of the current instruments.

In total the Labour Pool assisted more than 7.000 redundant workers with their new future.

(EU, 2005 – 2010)

Nehem International provided technical assistance for the implementation of the Phare project Development of work-linked training programmes and network in the North-East, South and Island regions in Estonia. The contract involved technical assistance through a number of activities, among others: develop a concept for work-linked off-the-job and on-the-job traineeship programmes in Estonia; develop criteria and methodology for accrediting work-linked enterprises; assist the regional training centres in developing methodologies, curricula, course support materials and competence based testing materials.

(EU Phare, 2004 – 2006)

The project assisted the Ministry of Labour (at central and regional levels) in general and the local authorities in two regions (Surkhandarya and Kashkadarya) to develop more employment opportunities. This was realized in the regions by enhancing the capacity of the public employment service and support from local and regional authorities, other public organisations. NGOs were supported in placing more people in sustainable employment. This included a programme of entrepreneurship for unemployed persons to become self-employed entrepreneurs.

(EU, TACIS 2003 – 2005)

Nehem was involved in the Technical Assistance to the PES in Armenia. The project contains policy reforms, the development of active labour market instruments, budgeting, training pilots, in-service staff training, etc.

(TACIS, 2000 – 2001)

The project main objective of the project was to transfer techniques in improving chances of long term unemployed people to acquire a (new) job. Most crucial techniques were: job interview technique and organised contacts with entrepreneurs and continuous coaching. These techniques were transferred to the Lithuanian Mediating and Training Authority (a department of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour). Local specialists of LLMTA used this method “Mediating in Employment Orientation” in a number of cases during the project period of 1,5 year, transferred their experience all over the organisation and included this activity in their regular programming during the following years.

(Matra Dutch Bilateral Programme, 2001 – 2003)

Nehem International established a Labour Pool for unemployed youngsters in Ostrava and Karviná region in the Czech Republic. The labour Pool reused unemployment benefits to train and employ high educated youngsters in the Labour Pool. During their work in the Labour Pool the young people obtained the necessary work experience which enabling them to find a permanent job. The project was carried out among highly educated youngsters and contributed to the restructuring of the regional automotive sector.

(Matra, 2001 – 2003, Czech Employment Services, 3 years implementation)

Nehem was contracted by the United Arabic Emirates to develop and strengthen the Emirates Employment Services in their task to find employment for Nationals. The project contained: organisation development, job-descriptions, development of LM instruments, working procedures, Management Development, etc.

(UAE, 2001)

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