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A view examples of SME Development projects we have been active in are listed underneath:

Nehem International and Lutfia Rabbani Foundation from the Netherlands assisted the Directorate General for SME’s with capacity building of DGSME staff and business consultants (SME service providers) in Oman. The project consisted of an assessment of the SME development in Oman and hands-on training of SME service providers. Next to these activities Nehem organized a study visit to the Netherlands for small entrepreneurs.

(Oman government and Dutch Bilateral funding, 2012 – 2013)

Nehem International developed together with an Egyptian NGO a set of instruments to improve the economic and social position of women which had no regular job and difficulties in accessing the labour market. These women could potentially earn an income from small scale economic activities. The project defined best practices which were available and tested these under local circumstances.

(FNV Mondiaal, 2009)

Economic opportunities in rural areas in Belarus are scarce, which influences the quality of life in these areas. The Dutch organisation NBvP, Vrouwen van Nu (Den Haag) and Nehem International supported the establishment of 6 local branches and a national women’s organisation for rural women. 3 study visits to the Netherlands were carried out to inform Belarusian participants on all kind of activities, which are carried out by ‘Vrouwen van Nu’ in the Netherlands. Additionally two study visits for Dutch women to Belarus were organised in return. The establishment of 6 (pilot) local branches of a national rural women’s organisation (Selchanka) was supported by a national project manager in Belarus and by provision of training and consultancy from international experts. During the project the number of regional branches raised to 15.

Nehem and Vrouwen van Nu promoted further establishment of local economic activities by members of the local branches. The promotion of economic activities consisted of: promotion of self-initiative, assessment of business ideas and provision of elementary equipment for viable business ideas. Several vocational training courses were conducted to support the new businesses, varying from marketing courses to training in small scale cheese making. The business promotion resulted in a big number of activities like agro-tourism, glass houses for (early) vegetable growing, animal breeding, service providing, etc. These economic activities proved to be sustainable and influenced the household incomes significantly.

(Matra, Dutch Bilateral, 2008 – 2010)

Social Work Centre MTB from Maastricht (NL) and Nehem International supported a local NGO in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) with expertise and finance to establish a Social Work Centre with the aim of providing regular jobs to disabled persons. Local government of Nizhny Novgorod destined a premise, which was refurbished by the project. The Social Work Centre provides jobs for disabled persons in three business units: printing workshop, work space laboratory and a training centre. A pharmacy and a computer training centre completed this job creation project for disabled persons. The whole project resulted in a financially sustainable organisation.

(Matra, Dutch Bilateral, 2007 – 2011)

The Project contained institutional development of the BFA, development of services to their members (technical information and calculation of benchmarks) and the strengthening relations with (regulatory) regional governments. The project also included the establishment of contacts between Belarusian and Dutch agricultural institutions/companies and the establishment of a cooperative on potato cleaning and packaging. The venue was provided and refurbished by the Belarusian government and the production line purchased in the Netherlands.

(Matra, Dutch Bilateral Programme, 2004 – 2007

Nehem International participated in a Grundtvig project: “Network for intercultural advice”. Together with partners from Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Bulgaria, Nehem International collected relevant experiences of advising to ethnic entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. These experiences were compared with similar experiences in the other participating countries and incorporated in a tool box.

(EU Education and Culture DG – Lifelong Learning Programme, 2009 – 2010)

Nehem International supported regional development by local governments in the southern part of Serbia (13 Serbian and Albanian municipalities). The project was part of a larger project in 3 regions in Serbia. Main focus of the project was to create effective cooperation between municipalities on supporting local economy in a regional context. A Regional Development Agency was established. This agency should bring all economic development promotion activities of the 13 participating municipalities in one regional promotion operation. The immediate result should be better support to individual SME’s (advise on business plans and attracting finance) and better contacts between the private and public sector (municipalities). The improved cooperation between local governments should contribute to the regeneration of the region, which suffered from a severe decline of industrial activity during the nineties. ‘

(IPA, EU grant, 2003 – 2007

Nehem International provided project management for a project on Domestic Violence Eradication (DOVE) in Turkey. After establishing the necessary facilities the project started small scale production of bijoux to become self-supporting; which was successful.

(Dutch bilateral funding: Matra, 2008 – 2012)


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