Henk van den Beukel is a senior expert in industry policy in many sectorial or cluster policy approaches and Private Sector Development with sub expertise in: SME Development, HRD, Venture Capital, International Business Development, Regional Development, Business Start-ups, and Environmental Policy.

He holds a Master Degree in Business Economics from the Free University (VU) of Amsterdam.

Henk initially consulted the Dutch Business Sector in the framework of Dutch industrial policy for 17 years and started his international consulting career in 1987. Services provided by Mr. Van den Beukel include:

  • Private Sector Development: national and regional strategy development, cluster policy, TA in Business planning.
  • Regional Development: Strategy and Policy Development.
  • Venture Capital.
  • International Business Development, Trade Promotion.
  • Environmental policy .
  • Project Design and Implementation; preparation of ToRs and evaluation of offers (tender and grants); evaluation of projects; Strategy and Plan Development; Policy Advice and Capacity Building.

Donor experience: EU and Dutch Bilateral programmes, WB, AWF/AfDB.

Geographic experience: Indonesia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Slovenia, Romania, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Ghana.

Henk’s latest project was Ghana – “Decentralised Business Model for Sanitation, Bio-fertilizer and Energy”, which was financed by the Dutch GWW-FDW Public Private Facility programme. He was involved in the proposal development and reporting.