Niels Peter Jensen is a senior expert in the fields of Labour Market and VET with expertise in Organisational Development, Human Resource Management, Regional Labour Market Surveillance, Employment Support programme and relations between Labour Market Development and the need of changing Vocational Training.

He holds a Master in Public Administration from Institute of Economy and Planning from Roskilde University, Denmark.

Niels Peter started his international consulting carrier in 1990 supporting both national organisations and private consultant companies. Services provided by Mr. Jensen include:

  • Support to development and implementation of National Employment Strategies.
  • Regional Labour Market analyses and Employment Support.
  • Reconstruction of major enterprises through Mobility Centre Support.
  • HR-Development and training of Managers and staff at various level.
  • Training-need analyses.
  • Planning and development of Production School concept and transfer of such know-how to various European countries.
  • Preparation of and Evaluation of EU’s Sector Budget Support Programmes (SBSP).

Donor experience: EU (Grants and FWC), Egypt’s Social Fund, DANIDA.

Geography experience: Belarus, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Armenia, Uganda, Greenland.

Niels Peter’s latest assignments were in Armenia making reviews of the Sector Support Programme (SSP) for Continuation of Vocational Education and Training (VET) Reform and Development of an Employment Strategy for the EU Delegation. Next to this he is assisting the EU Delegation in the preparation of a SBSP for Jordan in the fields of employment and human resource development for employment.